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Quality Montage

QM GROUP AB (Quality Montage) - is a new fresh alternative on the labor market in Sweden. Our best employees in the business areas are sent out for contracts or rentals.

We can work in all weather conditions and can find a way out of unusual situations.The goal of our work is satisfied customers and successful qualified employees. We want to achieve this through quality, competence and efficiency.

ATTENTION! We make decisions that lead to aesthetics and quality.
We have: certificates, requirements and skills that are needed to do qualitative and safety work.
Our employees have done many different qualitative jobs.
We know everything about planning and always achieve our goals.
We are a member of Plåt & Ventföretag.
QM GROUP AB will be your friend who will do everything for final result.
If you want contact us ,you should to fill out the form in the "CONTACTS" section. Our specialists will contact you and help you solve the problem.